Saturday, March 26, 2016

Boat right side up and getting all the spars done

Today was kind of a landmark.  I finished fabricating the yard and boom.  I drilled the holes for the peak, head, tack and clew attachments for the sail.

This is the mess left by shaping the boom and yard with the power planer.  Can't believe how big a pile you end up with off that little bit of shaping.

I've decided to go with a dumb sheave for the halyard to begin with.  If it's too much friction I can always change to a block.

 My Kit from Polysail showed, so i can start in on that soon.  My brother and nephew came by and we flipped the boat back upright and threw it back on the trailer so I can roll it around again.  First thing I did was roll it outside and step the mast.

The mast is 16 feet, the boat only 15 feet.  This is AFTER I shortened it from the 18ft that Jim designed.  I just don't need that much sail area.  The yard is the designed length and I shortened the boom @ 1.25ft.  It was only 6" shorter than the boat as designed.  The design sail area is 138ft2.  I'm gonna end up with @ 112ft2 with 2 reef points.

The little raw wood block in front of the mast was quickly added to brace the heel of the max against as I tilt it up.  Helps a lot, it will become permanent.  I might even modify the front of the cabin and build a step IN the cabin to make it super easy.  There's a little effort lifting/balancing the mast and stabbing it through the deck.

Build the sail.  Install the windows.  Rigging and finish modifying the trailer.  The end is in sight.