Saturday, June 6, 2015

Got the bottom and chines sanded with 80 grit and knocked off all of the pebbles and drips.  I decided it's gin to be easier to paint later.  I can roll the boat up 90 from each side to get the paint on it at the same time i do the sides.  Painting now would have made further glassing on the stem, transom and chines more problematic.

Had a strong young man handy today, so I flipped her back upright.  Now I can go to town on the 2 miles of fillet on the interior, cabin and decks, windows, bash wales, leeboard, rude etc...

I'm going to turn the cabin into a slot top.  It was bothering me how hard it was going to be to access the foredeck.  Not a boat you want to go crawling over the cabin on.  The cabin top is only @ 4ft long, so a liftoff hatch that can be slip fore or aft and dogged down from inside would be very manageable and easily stored inside.  Liftout plexiglass drop boards for and aft, and i can actually work anchor gear on the foredeck without leaving the cabin.I can also access the mast and luff end of the rig if necessary no problem.

I wrote Jim about this, and he thinks it's an improvement as long as I come up with a secure way to dog her down for roughing going.

And a little video walk around