Thursday, April 5, 2018

Playing with different rig layouts

I've been meaning to get the boat accurate drawn in Cad for quite a while to play with sail types and dimensions.  Good way to get the CE close to the right place before actually building and putting it on the boat.

 The sail above is pretty much the one I've already built.  The geometry gibes with what I've found on the water.  I end up pulling the sail back for the right helm balance when going to windward.  I also drew in a sprit boom with the snotter about as high as I can comfortably reach, and it lays out pretty nice.  Since drawing this I've run both the running parrel and the downhaul into the cabin for easy adjustment on the fly with the hatches installed.  anytime I'm headed downwind, I'll want to move the sail back forward as it's shown on the right.
I've also been wanting to do a junk sail for the easy reefing.  I built one for a little trimaran I used to own, and it worked out great.  This is a sail built on the Vincent Reddish classic proportions using 10ft battens.  The area and balance end up almost perfect for my existing mast location.  This one will get built when I find the right batten material.