Monday, March 30, 2015

2ND Layer of bottom on

I finally got around to putting down the 2nd layer of 1/2" ply on the bottom.  I was going around about what kind of adhesive to use, and finally just decided to keep going with the PL Premium.  Still too cool for epoxy unless I heat the shop or build some kind of conditioned tent around the hull.  I'm going to be encapsulating the bottom and chines in epoxy anyway.

It went real well.  A couple of hours with the hand planes got it all flushed up to the first layer and the chine logs.  I'm ready to fill in all of the screw holes and glass the bottom and chines now.

I still have the temperature problem, so I figured I'd flip the boat and work on the interior, rudder, cabin top, hatch, mast step etc.... until it warms up, then flip it back.  One good tilt with the bottom on and i reconsidered the idea.  I'd flipped it over for the bottom work all by my self, but the bottom has CONSIDERABLY beefed up the weight.  I'm a bit concerned about a future flip after even more added weight.

I think it's time to figure a way to warm the hull without warming the whole garage and order up the resin and glass for RAKA.  glass the bottom and chines, paint the bottom and she never needs to flip again after i put her right side up.

I went back to trying to shape my leeboard in the meantime.  I have a belt sander with some 80 grit, but i can't believe how slow it's taking the wood down.  I get the sander hot enough to fry an egg with very little progress.  The planes are kind of useless in this situation, which is too bad because they chew the material much faster than the sander.  I've started shopping 7" disk sanders/angle grinders on Craigslist.

All in all everything's looking good and I'm really happy with how the build is coming together.  In the end the boat pulled extremely straight with the bottom installation and no twist.  I think the bow is @ 1/4" off being dead on centerline.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First layer of bottom on

So I got the chine logs all glued up and a bunch of planing done to bring everything square and fare.  Got the First layer of 1/2" on and pulled the boat into square with it.  I was pretty worried that I'd gotten the thing somehow badly distorted, but it all came into line nicely.

I gotta say I was shopping routers to trim that bottom off flush to the chines.  Truth be told though, i spent some time sharpening up the pile of planes i bought at at a garage sale @ 1.5 years ago, and it was actually kind of a pleasure to take it down with those.  Found some new muscles in my shoulders, but they really did a nice job.

3 more sheets of ply and I'll have the second layer of bottom on and all of the decking and hatches.  It's time to order up some fiberglass and resin from RAKA.  I really need to fill all of the screw head holes and such on the first layer before i nail the second one down.  I also think the resin with the adhesive filler is going to be the best laminating glue for me.  I could do it with the PL Premium, but the stuff is pretty viscous and it would be tough to get that much area even and flat and then have the ply lay down tight.

I'm wondering if I should flip her and work on the interior while i wait for it to get here or just leave it bottom up until I have the bottom done and glassed along with the chines, maybe even the paint on it. be nice to have the bottom at full strength before i go playing on the inside.

really starting to look like a boat.

All by plane with just a light pass with the mouse sander

just a few passes with the plane and this joint is nice and level. There was a small peak in spots from nailing the two halves on separately.

All flushed up and ready to trace the next layer of ply.