Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting ready to cut out the windows

Got a little cabin framing done last night.

The one thing i really have to do before I can start laying on deck is mount the bash wales.  I need to be able to clamp/screw from the inside the whole length of the boat.  Once that's done, I can paint the inside of the fore and aft compartments and lay on the decks.  The I can finish off the cabin/wheelhouse.

I just want to get the cabin framed in enough to hold all of the curves when I cut the windows out.  Doing that first will help with the clamping and screwing for the bash wales along the cabin section.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fillets and details

Used up a bunch more epoxy and 407 filler filleting all of the inside corners as well as the chines on the boat.  I need to learn a good mix for this.  Some ration of cabosil for sure.  I had a lot of sag and now it's a bit of a sanding nightmare.  Finally fund a good wire cone brush to put in my drill, and that's getting into the crannies pretty well to rough it all up for primer.  None of this is really structural, just looking for a good longterm seal to avoid moisture and dirt getting into the crannies to start rot.  Thank god I'm happy with a workboat finish.

I also got the rudder head laid out along with the pintles and gudgeons.  Cut the hole in the transom for the tiller.  made and installed the mast step.

I was going to tabernacle the mast.  Thought the better of it and just went with the simple original design.  Seeing as how I'm doing the slot top cabin with the "drop board" center window in front, It'll be plenty easy to step and unstep the mast from in the boat.

The 3 things I have left before starting to paint the interior are
Install the exterior "bash wales"
fabricate and install the leeboard guards
Install the cross framing for the cabin top and cut out the windows in the sides.

Not necessarily in that order.

God I'm sick of sanding already.  Even for a workboat finish there's a ton of it.

I'm also pretty sure that the next one is going to use no epoxy.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cool enough to work

Well we've been having the hottest June on record ever here in Portland OR.  Mid 90's almost every day, and just too freakin hot to spend too much time out in the shop.  We finally got a little cool down this weekend, and I got a few more things done.

Finished shaping the Lee board for one.

Then I got the rudder and rudder head laid out and laminated together.

Thanks to the warm day and the fast set on PL premium, I even got the rudder shaped up.

I got smart this time and clamped the work to the rack rail on my pickup in the driveway instead of doing it in the shop.  Admittedly I had to wash the truck when I was done, but it needed it anyway.  That was also MUCH easier than cleaning up all the dust thrown by the disc grinder inside. Hope my downwind neighbor had the door closed to the shop with all his shiny hotrods :-)

Feels good to get some more done.  I am enjoying sailing my pelican, but I just can't wait to get this boat on the water.