Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial day sail for 2018 at Hagg Lake

The forecast was for reasonably cool and a little bit of wind.  I slept on Saturday, took care of chores on Sunday, loaded up the dog and headed to Hagg Lake.  The wind was noticeable but not in the least bit heavy when I got to the parking lot.  The last time I had the rig up was at the Depot Bay boat show, and I'd left the second reef tied in for hoisting to show people.  I went ahead and left it that way and got the boat in the water.  It's easier to shake one out than tie one in, and I had the dog with me with not life vest for him.

I was amazed.  I'm guessing the wind was blowing in the 5-10 range, and with two deep reefs tied in I was hitting 4.5 knots often.  I can definitely get by with a smaller sail than the @ 120+ ft2 one I have now.  I built two more limber spars already, and I have another one of Polytarp Dave's tarps that was just a little too small to do the current sail.  This is an easily driven hull in light winds.

I went ahead and bought a Gopro with the head harness this fall.  I have a contour on a head strap, and it's been a good camera, but the Gopro head harness setup is much more comfortable and solid.  This ended up being a really good showing of the experience of sailing the boat and how I have everything set up now.  Got a little work to do on the leeboard control lines, but everything else is now working pretty well.

I do have a tiller extension set-up, but I find the rope system I was using to be really flexible for steering positions and easier to get out of the way when needed.  The extension is awkward behind me, and the ropes were great that way, and immune to position or elevation.  Mainsheet is in it's final configuration for sure.

I have 5 more parts to this.  they're each 4 gigs, so they'll come in installments.  Just sailing, very little talking.  Just the occasional outburst by some old bastard in the boat he built.

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