Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hagg lake still shots from another boat.

Dave Graybeal had his camera and got the first ever shots of her on the water with the sail up. Obviously light wind conditions, so not a lot of excitement.  Nice just the same to finally see her from afar with the sail up.

Next time the winds are that light I'm shaking out that reef for all 120ft2.


  1. hi! I am looking for a photo that shows areas of light wind on the water and areas of total calm. Believe it or not,three hours of searching in Google images, and you top photo was the best. It's to illustrate a simile.

    Would you let me use it? If so, do you want me to attribute it you? Would you like me to send you the text? I'd like to publish it is my wordpress blog tomorrow, but I can publish the text, and then tweak it a bit if you let me use the photo.

    It would be easier for me if you responded to Thanks for considering this!

  2. Belated congrats on a precise sailboat. Saw your blog via Duckworks, looks like you have your fun cut out for you this Summer. Love the parrel and rope steering- your knotsmanship is impressive. Can't wait to see how the lug will compare with the junk rig. Roomy enough inside for camping too, I bet. Great job and a nice blog also. Will check back here for progress reports.