Monday, June 5, 2017

Another light wind day on the water

SO I hauled the boat down to fern Ridge reservoir in Eugene Oregon.  John Khonnen was nice enough to meet me there and hang out.  He keeps his Old Shoe in a slip there.

It was a light wind day again.  I let the whole 120ft2 fly unlike at Hagg lake.  I managed @ 3.5mph in what couldn't have been more than 5-6 mph of wind.  The boat heeled no more than 10 degrees with me sitting in the beach chair in my new helm arrangement.

I haven't show photos of it yet, but I rerouted the mainsheet under the boom to another block near the mast, then down through the foredeck to the cam cleat.  I did this because the cleat didn't work properly with the sheet led in from below as shown.  It also gets the mainsheet off the floor of the cabin where it can be stepped on and such at just the worn moment.

This worked pretty well, though when the sheet went slack there were all kinds of new things on the top of the boat to hang up on.  Primarily my sculling oar.  I threw this in the cabin, so it started to hang up on the aft oar rooftop bracket.  More fine tuning needed :-)

The wind was spotty, but I got enough to find that the boat now balances pretty well with how I'm locating my weight.

I was happy to find that I kept up with/stayed ahead of John in his Old shoe.  No racing boat, but John is an experienced sailor who knows what he's doing.

John Khonnen's Old Shoe

Quiet day on the lake.  Good for testing new rigging.

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