Thursday, June 1, 2017

New forward Hem position

So one of the things i've noticed is that I need my weight forward in the cabin to make the boat trim level.  I rigged some quick and dirty rope steering ala Paradox with a few fairleads and a chunk of rope laying around.  I rigged the mainsheet to run along the floor and turn back through a cam cleat block, all so I can sit low and forward comfortably in my little sand chair.  One cushion in the chair puts me just high enough to see well.

Since rigging this I've found that the cleat doesn't hold rigged this way, i need to come in from the top.  I'll put another block forward on the boom and drill a hole for the sheet in the forward end of the cabin to rectify this.  It will have the added benefit of not having the sheet running on the floor the whole length of the cabin where it can get stepped or sat upon.

I'll upload the changes once i get the sheet re routed.  

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